14 April 2023

Tour du Doubs, Elie Gesbert: "the uphill finish at the Larmont could suit me"

Change of configuration for the Tour du Doubs, with the finish this year on top of the last hill of the day, the Larmont.

Elie Gesbert

“This is the race I have raced the most times since I turned professional. The finish this year will be at the top of the Larmont, not at the bottom of the descent. It’s a race configuration that I like, and can be more suitable for me.”

Roger Tréhin, sports director

“This year, the Larmont will be the site chosen for the arrival of the Tour du Doubs, which may change the outcome of this competition. Four main difficulties mark out this event, for a total difference in altitude of 2700 meters, and 200 kilometers to cover. We will have a team built around Élie Gesbert and Kévin Vauquelin, who will be surrounded by teammates who are also good climbers.”


Elie Gesbert