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The Keveler Club

Created in 2018, Klub Keveler has built its history around a name, but also through a strong reputation, anchored in the heart of the Breton economic and sporting fabric.
Klub Keveler is the KLUB of the partners of Team Arkéa-B&B Hôtels, which brings together 80 companies of various sizes and investments. Whether title, major, technical partners, official suppliers and official sponsors, all benefit from Klub Keveler events, which in return allows them to keep their partnership alive throughout the season. From the unmissable Keveler Evenings to the Keveler Ride, without forgetting the Keveler Team Klub. All of these events and various entities were created with the aim of optimizing exchanges and contacts between our numerous partners. The objective: to establish a real business network of companies committed to Team Arkéa-B&B Hôtels.

Annuaire des partenaires

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