03 July 2023

Tour de France (Stage 3) : Laurent Pichon most aggressive rider

Laurent Pichon, ride of a 150-kilometer breakaway, was voted the most combative rider on stage 3 of the Tour de France from Amorebieta-Etxano to Bayonne.

Photos Pauline Ballet / ASO and Fred Machabert

“What a pleasure to be up front again on the roads of the Tour de France! I’ve only competed in three of them in my career, and somehow I took this one on as if it were my first. I’ve still got that burning desire, that kid’s soul, to compete in the Tour, to experience that magic.
We had a difficult first two days, and my role as road captain was to get things moving forward. That’s what I did, and everyone’s smiling. To be on the podium is an opportunity. I was brave enough to get there. My wife’s message on the radio made me extremely happy and gave me that extra energy to push even harder on the pedals.”

Sébastien Hinault

“With two up at the front, we knew it was going to be complicated, and even more so when Powless revealed himself, but Laurent was as offensive and generous as ever. He made the most of that great breakaway on the Tour de France, and of the wonderful Basque public on the Tour’s roads. And tonight he was voted most combative rider of the day. After two complicated days, it’s good for everyone. There’s still a long way to go.”