Développement | GP Pays d'Aix & Puyloubier
15 February 2024

The first races in the history of our Devo Team

While several of its riders have already resumed the season in the ranks of the World Tour team, the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS Développement team will be writing the first lines of its racing history this weekend in the Grand Prix du Pays d’Aix and the Grand Prix de Puyloubier.

Léandre Lozouet

“Like all my team-mates, I was lucky enough to start the 2024 season with the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS World Tour team. I felt really good during my first race at the highest level, at the Figueira Champions Classic. There I rubbed shoulders with Anthony Delaplace, one of the other Normans in the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team. With all his experience, he accompanied me, a bit like a ‘big brother’. This weekend is something else. This will really be the first race for our development team. Coming from the amateur ranks, I know that the level will be very high and that we’ll be expected to show up. The intensity will be worthy of class 2. The important thing for all of us is to find our bearings together and get some good results to get the ball rolling”.

Maxime Bouet, sports director

“This is it! These two races will officially launch the history of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS Développement team. This will be practically one of the only weekends of competition in the amateur ranks, but far from the idea that it will be the least competitive. The intensity of these early-season events is comparable to that of the Class 2s. So the idea was to offer the riders, as well as the staff, a race early in the season, in France, to break in and have a first time together. However, we’re lining up with the desire to shine. As a UCI continental team, we’ll have the sign. I’m going to ask my riders to be active, not to underestimate their rivals and to be intelligent. The two races will be tough and tiring. We’ll have to tackle them from the right end. If you don’t run well, you can quickly take them the wrong way. So I expect them to do the jersey proud, to race as a team and to get the best possible result in the best possible way.”


Léandre Lozouet
Baptiste Gillet
Hubert Grygowski
Pierre Thierry
Nicolas Milesi