20 September 2023

Skoda Tour de Luxembourg (Étape 1) - Ewen Costiou offensif

Ewen Costiou took the lead in the final stage of the 1st stage of the Skoda Luxembourg Tour, finishing in the first group of 42 riders to cross the finish line in Luxembourg Kirchberg.


Photo GettyImages

Roger Tréhin, Sport-director

Le débrief’

“The 1st stage of the Skoda Tour de Luxembourg was already lively, with a breakaway that was controlled by the peloton and rejuvenated before the finish. On the côte de Stafelter, Ewen Costiou raised the pace, and other riders took over from him, leading to a break in the peloton. Ewen and Anthony crossed the finish line in Luxembourg-Kirchberg in a peloton reduced to forty-two units”.