05 September 2023

Simon Guglielmi extends his contract with ARKEA-B&B HOTELS

Simon Guglielmi, who has been wearing red and black for the last two seasons, will continue to wear the jersey of our team, which will become ARKEA-B&B HOTELS in 2024.

Simon Guglielmi

“I haven’t spoken to any professional cycling teams about my future: only to Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager of the Arkea-Samsic team. It was within this team, which will become ARKEA-B&B HOTELS in 2024, that I wanted to extend my professional commitment. I’ve found my equilibrium within this structure, and my racing programme corresponds to my expectations, as does the status I’m accorded there. Depending on the races I take part in, I either play the role of team-mate to a leader to help him win the race, or I can play my card when the team offers me this option. That keeps me in the mood to fight for victory, but also to go out and achieve great performances. Emmanuel Hubert would also like me to raise my hand on certain French Cup rounds that match my profile, which I announce when I’m doing well, to try and pick up a win. So that my team-mates can give something back to me for the work I do for them in so many races ».

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Simon Guglielmi immediately melted into the team spirit. He’s a rider who enjoys working with his leaders. His contribution is invaluable to them, whether in the team’s mountain pole or sprint pole. He also worked successfully for several seasons in Arnaud Démare’s train in their previous team. Serious, diligent, with a sense of duty and love of his job, Simon, who is still a young rider, is improving year on year. He was able to put in some fine stages in 2022 on the roads of the Tour of Spain, taking some interesting places in some difficult finishes, and did the same this year on the roads of the Tour de France. For me, Simon is a rider who has come of age late in life, who continues to make progress season after season”. 


Simon Guglielmi