03 April 2023

Scheldeprijs, David Dekker: "echelons and bunch sprint can happen"

The Scheldeprijs is an event that sounds to David Dekker, who knows well the roads on which this competition will take place, because it evokes memories of his youth.

David Dekker

“I hope it will be a real edge race like in the previous editions. I always saw such a scenario when I watched this competition on TV. I hope it will be the same this season. It’s an event that I like. The only professional competition that passed by my house when I was 10-15 years old. The course has changed a bit this year but the finish remains the same. The Scheldeprijs now takes place more on the roads where I used to train as a young cyclist. It’s a race that can be good for us with this double possibility: curbs and sprint. And if the wind doesn’t pick up, we’ll have other options that can be put in place.”

Yvon Caër, sport director

“The Scheldeprijs is subject to the weather conditions like all the races in Northern Europe at this time of the year. The weather is very often a determining factor. If we refer to the 2022 edition, it had made the selection with placed runners who had conceded quite important gaps compared to the very first ones. In any case, we will have a team capable of responding to this race, which is traditionally the last meeting before Paris-Roubaix.”


David Dekker