23 August 2023

Renewi Tour (stage 1) - Clément Russo: "It wasn't the scenario we expected..."

Clément Russo took 10th place in the 1st stage of the Renewi Tour, while Arnaud Démare was hampered by a crash in the final and was unable to sprint.


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On the line

“It wasn’t the scenario we’d envisaged, but what’s important to remember is the work done around Arnaud before the final. Everyone was involved and respected the mission that had been given to them. It didn’t work, Arnaud and Dan were hampered by the crash that happened around two kilometres from the line. They told me to do my sprint. I finished 10th, but that’s nothing. We’re disappointed, because we had done well and we could have made an impact. Arnaud is in good shape. But it’s only a postponement…”.