11 April 2023

Paris-Camembert : Ewen Costiou 2nd

Ewen Costiou took 2nd place in Paris-Camembert on Tuesday after a two-man raid in the last 10 kilometers. It was his first podium in the professional category. Elie Gesbert and Louis Barré completed the top 10, respectively 7th and 10th.

Photo : LNC / B. Bade

Ewen Costiou

“The team did a great job today approaching the strategic locations. Then we were able to get into this counter group with Elie. When we came back to the leading duo, with 10 kilometers to go, Mickaël told me that I could attack if I felt good. I put all my strength into it. There were two of us in front and we worked well together. I attacked him once at the red light but he immediately jumped in my wheel. Then I tried to stall a bit before starting the sprint but he was stronger and passed me at the 200 meter mark. After a season where I could discover what the high level of UCI World Tour races was, I am happy to show that I can be counted on in this kind of races, more open. Whether it’s helping the leaders or taking my chance when it comes.”

Mickaël Leveau, directeur sportif

“To sum up this Paris-Camembert, we played well but we did not win. Tactically, the riders respected the established plan. On the approach to the final circuit, Louis created a break to allow Ewen and Elie to be in the counter group chasing the leading duo. They rode well to catch them. Then I asked them to go on the offensive in the final. We hoped that if Ewen attacked, the favorites behind would mark themselves. That’s what happened. He was only joined by the winner of this race. Faced with such an opponent, it was necessary to try something in the final. Ewen attacked a first time and then launched his sprint from a distance but unfortunately his opponent was the strongest today. Even if it is not rewarded by the first place, we saw a very good Arkéa-Samsic team today, as much tactically as physically because Elie and Louis also finished in the top 10.”


Ewen Costiou