World Team | Grand Prix de Denain
12 March 2024

Luca Mozzato: “A taste of Paris-Roubaix”

The Denain-Porte du Hainaut Grand Prix, like every season, is an opportunity to ride on numerous paved sections like the “big brother”, Paris-Roubaix. A sort of dress rehearsal in short, life-size.

Photo: Getty

Luca Mozzato

“The Denain-Porte du Hainaut Grand Prix is generally a difficult race. But this year the field is even higher compared to previous editions. Our common goal, the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team and I, is to always aim for victory. We will see how this competition unfolds, following the various scenarios that it can generate. It will also be a sort of “life-size” test compared to Paris-Roubaix, a “monument” which will be contested a few weeks later. It’s always good to ride on cobblestones that are similar to those of Paris-Roubaix. We will therefore have the opportunity to test one last time in the race all the different materials made available to us by the technical partners of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team”

Arnaud Gérard, Directeur sportif

“We will have three great cards available for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team to try to play for victory in the Denain-Porte du Hainaut Grand Prix with Amaury Capiot, Jenthe Biermans and Luca Mozzato. This year there are twelve referenced paved sectors, spread over the last ninety kilometers of the race. This will be a total of almost twenty-three kilometers on these paved sectors. The objective of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS training will, as always, be to run as a team, being united, well placed to achieve a good result in the end. We present ourselves with a great ARKEA-B&B HOTELS collective at the start of this Denain-Porte du Hainaut Grand Prix, it’s up to us to give ourselves the means to do well.”