02 November 2023

Kevin Ledanois' contract extension: "continue working as a road captain"

Kévin Ledanois has extended his contract with the team that will become ARKEA-B&B HOTELS next year.

Kévin Ledanois

“Next year I’ll be celebrating my tenth year as part of a team managed by Emmanuel Hubert. I’m delighted with the confidence he’s shown in me once again, but also with the progress we’ve made together within his various structures. You could say that I’ve grown up with the team, that I’ve seen it go from strength to strength to reach UCI WorldTour level this season. It’s something that’s important to me to spend a decade within the same structure, it’s the mark of loyalty towards each other. I’ve seen Emmanuel surround himself with influential people and economic decision-makers keen to help his team progress, with the arrival of Fortunéo, Arkéa, then Samsic, and B&B HOTELS, in 2024. Next year, I’m going to confine myself to the role of road captain, so I won’t be spreading myself too thin. The team managers will be waiting for me in this ‘costume’, which I’ve already put on with pleasure and enthusiasm for the Tour Down Under and the Vuelta Ciclista a España 2023. I can bring my experience, my perspective, my knowledge of the team and of the profession of professional cyclist to the younger riders. It’s also a role in which I’m blossoming more and more.”

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Kévin Ledanois grew up in the teams I managed. He began his career by winning the most beautiful jersey of all, that of World Champion, in the U23 ranks in Richmond, USA. Kévin very quickly found his place in the professional peloton as a team-mate capable of giving his all for the benefit of the team. It’s these qualities that he has been able to bring to the fore, and which have made him a much-appreciated member of our squad. His experience and background will give him a new status next year as he takes on the role of road captain with our youngest riders. His understanding of the race and his knowledge of the profession of professional cyclist will make him one of our team managers’ relays in the race, helping to put the sprinters and climbers, as well as the young talents in the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS UCI WorldTour squad, in the best possible conditions.”


Kévin Ledanois