13 February 2023

Jaén Paraiso Interior - A. Gérard: "The group progresses race after race"

Warren Barguil perfectly, supported by all his teammates, ranks 9th of Jaén Paraiso Interior. Mathis Le Berre also had a great breakaway.

Photo : Getty Images

“My teammates did a great job for me. Unfortunately, we lost Clément Champoussin due to a mechanical problem when he was in front with us. I also died, it’s never the right moment on any race, but even more so on those that use dirt roads, but nevertheless, I managed to get back, and that’s the main thing. I don’t need anything to make the junction on the last climb to be able to compete for second place. So in 9th place, I am still hungry. I had better feelings than the final result, but that’s the way it is, that’s the bike. But for me, this is still a very nice race on the calendar, on a very nice course”.

Mathis Le Berre

“I had been designated to go in the shots so that the Arkéa-Samsic team could benefit from a rider in support at the front. The breakaway left after thirty minutes. I had a nice, long and hard day at the front. It allows me to gain experience, especially in races like this. I know that it will help me gain power and endurance. I also tried to place Warren as well as possible. I took the wind in his favor. I am satisfied with this day during which I learned a lot more”.

Arnaud Gérard, directeur sportif

“Warren Barguil finished in the top 10, Mathis Le Berre went in the breakaway as he was asked to do. It was to get a head start, and a rider in front when the peloton broke. We found ourselves with five riders in a group of forty at one point in the race, which is far from neutral. The downside is the small mechanical problem that Clément Champoussin had, but it happens on this kind of race. It is part of the hazards of our sport. Matîs Louvel did a great job to bring Warren back to the front. I am satisfied with the team. We are making progress race after race. We are still missing a little something to play for the win, but we are getting closer. And that’s what we have to remember.”


Mathis Le Berre