24 March 2023

Gent-Wevelgem, S. Hinault: "sprinters can have a chance"

260 kilometers, the multiple climbs of the Kemmelberg, the wind, the Arkéa-Samsic team finds this Sunday Gent-Wevelgem, a classic on which the sprinters can pull their weight.

“Gent-Wevelgem will be a discovery for me. I feel good both physically and mentally. It’s always better to approach such a big classic with serenity. The reconnaissance of the terrain also allows me to identify the key passages. It’s good to be able to concentrate all your efforts on the day of the race to help the team.”

Sébastien Hinault, directeur sportif

“There are many elements that can influence the outcome of the race at Gent-Wevelgem: the weather conditions, the cobbled climbs of the Kemmelberg three times and the presence of dirt roads. The race is also very long with more than 250 kilometers to cover. It is one of the few Flemish races where the sprinters have a chance at the finish. There is no fixed scenario: it will depend again this year on the weather and the way it is run. We have several cards in the team that can allow us to adapt to different scenarios.”