World Team | Paris-Nice
04 March 2024

Ewen Costiou: “it was very nervous all day”

For his first Paris-Nice, Ewen Costiou was at the forefront in the finale of the first stage. The young Breton runner as well as Sébastien Hinault look back on this day.

Photos: Getty Images

“Paris-Nice lives up to its reputation. It’s a race that requires placement, it rubs very hard within the peloton. It was very nervous all day. Arnaud’s group comes back close to the main peloton, it’s a shame he couldn’t make the junction. But it’s been postponed until tomorrow. I’m quite surprised at my level, it’s good for morale. Seeing that I am able to follow Primoz Roglic, Remco Evenepoël in the moguls shows that the form is there. And that bodes well for the future.”

Sébastien Hinault, Sports Director

“This first stage of Paris-Nice was in line with what we expected after having carried out the reconnaissance yesterday, it was a mix between a finale for climbers, punchers and sprinters. A good job was done around Arnaud Demare with a good job done around him before the penultimate bump. He was good today, he is not missing much to catch the best, but also to make the junction. We also saw some good Ewen Costiou who was able to follow the best including Rems Evenepoël when he attacked. He sees that he has good legs, and it’s a boost of confidence for him for the rest of the week.”


Ewen Costiou