World Team | Tour de la Provence
08 February 2024

Ewen Costiou 9th in the prologue

The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team achieves a group shot on the prologue of the Tour de la Provence, with three riders in the top 20: Ewen Costiou (9th), David Dekker (14th) and Raúl García Pierna (17th).

“I am placed in the general classification of this Tour de la Provence at the end of this prologue. I finished 9th. The goal now will be to grab places over the days of racing in order to get the best possible result on this event. A prologue is always a violent effort. You have to manage without overdoing it. When I see the runners in front of me, I can be satisfied with my race. There are five more runners of us who can hold on in a few seconds behind the third place.”

Yvon Ledanois, Directeur sportif

“Ewen Costiou achieves a good place and a good time on this prologue of the Tour de la Provence. The competitors who are in front are those we expected. Our riders are ranked 9th with Ewen, 14th David Dekker and 17th Raúl García Pierna The important thing was to know where we were going to be after this prologue, a verdict rendered by this start of the race: we have runners who are close to each other. Difficult conditions are predicted in the days to come, and When the weather is difficult, there are only the tough guys ahead, and that’s a good thing, here I have real warriors.”


Ewen Costiou