World Team | Grand Prix Monseré
04 March 2024

David Dekker, 3rd

It was David Dekker’s turn to get on the podium in Belgium, during the Jean-Pierre Monséré Grand Prix, in which he took 3rd place.

Photos: Getty Images

David Dekker

“Collectively we were very strong, on the penultimate cobbled sector we took the collective decision to toughen up the race, while maintaining a high tempo to prevent the group behind us from joining. Pierre Thierry held the bar for twenty-five kilometers. Bravo for his work. In the end, it was for me. Unfortunately the fall that occurred in front of me 500 meters from the line changed the approach to my sprint. We were all hoping for better than a third place. But this podium is good for me and the team, personally it’s been a long time since I had such a place. I felt strong today, but that’s how it is. One thing is certain, the group that was present here in Belgium is part of a good dynamic.”

Jenthe Biermans

“My two third places plus that of 8th obtained today allow me to occupy first place in the provisional ranking of the Belgian Cup. I’m happy because it shows that my start to the season is good despite the difficult weather conditions. This was the case here again with rain and cold which raged throughout the race. The Belgian Cup is not a goal strictly speaking, but I think it is good exposure to occupy this place for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team, and especially in Belgium.

Laurent Pichon, Sports Director

“3rd again! We came to win. David had a real chance. He certainly gets around Luca, but a fall also disorganizes the peloton in the final. This one was also a bit tricky, it slipped a lot! What I remember is the state of mind. The runners from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team delivered a real warrior’s race, in this type of event that runners don’t really like. 5 degrees, rain all day! The riders of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS formation were frozen. I pushed them throughout the race, giving them positive thoughts, and focusing on winning to give them strength. We took our responsibilities before the last paved sector we hardened, and it skimmed, and it came back. We lost Mathis in a fall, and he took a good crutch. More fear than harm, therefore. Alan, who did a good job, punctured just before the sector, without that we would have six riders out of the thirty-five who were up for victory. We hoped for it. We don’t go that far once again, we show that we are there. The dynamic is established, and this will smile on us in the races to come in Belgium. I would like to salute the great work of everyone, including that of Pierre Thierry and Florian Dauphin, once again.”