25 May 2023

Boucles de la Mayenne (prologue) - Mickaël Leveau: "Ewen did a clean time".

Ewen Costiou took 8th place in the Boucles de la Mayenne prologue in Laval

Ewen Costiou

“I managed this prologue well, doing a good warm-up and then I put myself in my bubble. The reconnaissance I did with Donavan Grondin and Simon Guglielmi paid off. They showed me the right trajectories to take, and in the race, I don’t think I made too many mistakes. My legs did the talking. Tonight, I’m seven seconds behind the winner, but quite close to some of the favourites in this competition, which is encouraging for the rest of this week’s Boucles de la Mayenne.”

Mickaël Leveau

“Ewen made no mistakes on a prologue that was technical in the first part and more physical in the second. There was no chance, the best were ahead. Ewen set a good time. We’re on track after the prologue, and now it’s time for the road stages of the Boucles de la Mayenne.”


Ewen Costiou