11 July 2023

Tour de France (Stage 10): Warren Barguil 9th

At the end of a wild stage between Vulcania and Issoire, Warren Barguil signs his first top ten on this Tour de France, he is 9th.
Photos Fred Machabert

“I always believed in it, of course, but I was also a little too generous in the breakaway. I lacked that little bit of madness on the climb. Julian and I put everything into the breakaway, but unfortunately we didn’t look at each other up front. With a few seconds’ hesitation up front, the scenario could have been quite different, as it was…
I pedaled away as I like to do, and it was very hard in the hot weather. I tried to get the points for the polka-dot jersey to get back into the match. The aim is to win a stage, but I seized the opportunity to score points today”.

Arnaud Gérard

“This stage had been selected. We wanted to be in the breakaway, and we didn’t need much to do even better. We’re not giving up, there are still a lot of stages left to do great things and achieve the goal we’ve set ourselves for this Tour de France.
Warren has been generous as usual. We’re on the Tour de France and every little effort counts. But we can’t hold back his offensive spirit either. We’re happy to have him up front, as there are still some great breakaways to be had on this Tour. Warren is getting better and better, and we remain confident for the future.”