03 October 2023

Paris-Bourges - Arnaud Gérard: "to keep up the momemtum"

The penultimate road race of the season in France, Paris-Bourges often goes to the sprinters.

Thibault Guernalec

“I’ve already competed in Paris-Bourges several times. It’s a great end-of-season classic that can generate a variety of scenarios due to the course, the weather conditions and the strategies put in place by the teams, even if the race often finishes in a sprint. I’m also happy to be taking part in my very first race with Arnaud Démare, as it will give me a chance to see how he works before the race and how he sets up his train during it, with the hope of continuing the good momentum that has built up around him.

Arnaud Gérard, sports director

“Paris-Bourges is part of the heritage of French professional cycling events. It has been a one-day race for a number of years now, and the nature of the terrain, the weather conditions and, above all, whether or not it’s windy, mean that there are many different race scenarios. Sprinters often have their say. In the case of the Arkéa-Samsic team, we’ll be able to play on the two potential scenarios that could play out over the course of this event, with the riders capable of running a moving race, or in the event of a massive finish with Arnaud Démare, who recently broke his record in the Tour de Vendée in our colours”.