01 August 2023

Miles Scotson will join ARKEA-B&B HOTELS in 2024 & 2025

As Arnaud Démare’s pilot fish, the Australian will accompany the Picard sprinter for the next two seasons in the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS jersey.

Miles Scotson:

“Arnaud and I have known each other very well for a few seasons now, and we’ve got a good automatic in the sprint. We’ve been working together for five seasons now. I wanted to support him in his new team. I’d like to thank ARKEA-B&B HOTELS for the trust they’ve shown in me, and the General Manager of the team for allowing me to continue working with Arnaud, while remaining his driver. Arnaud is one of the best sprinters in the world, but he also excels in certain classics, as he has already proved on several occasions. I also admire his professionalism. He’s a rider who works a lot, and when you’re his pilot fish and you see him demanding so much of himself, being able to train so hard, announcing lofty objectives, that pushes his team-mates to push their limits for him too. I always want to do my job to perfection because Arnaud is capable of winning the races that match his profile. He’s a great rider, but also a normal man outside cycling. He knows how to be humble and modest on a daily basis. He’s not arrogant despite his number of victories, he’s a very simple person who knows how to switch to an outstanding competitor when it’s time to become a ‘winner’. Our objectives for the next two years

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Miles Scotson comes from a track background and is a rider who knows how to ride fast and hard in the final stages of races that are likely to end in a bunch sprint. He has been Arnaud Démare’s regular driver for many years, and will continue to be so for the next two seasons in the colours of ARKEA-B&B HOTELS. His training on the track also enables him to rub shoulders, to weave in and out of a peloton in order to position his sprinter ideally for the finish line, and to have a good sense of anticipation.”