16 December 2022

Kevin Vauquelin and Matis Louvel extend their contracts with Arkéa-Samsic

Kevin Vauquelin and Matis Louvel have extended their contracts with Arkéa-Samsic, until 2025 for the former and 2024 for the latter.

Matîs Louvel

“Continuing to write a common history with the Arkéa-Samsic team was an obvious choice for me. It’s a team where human relations are strong, there is a real “family life” between the riders and the staff. It is in this type of environment that I thrive. I have also not forgotten that the first General Manager who had confidence in me was Emmanuel Hubert, who gave me my first contract to sign. The team also keeps on progressing, we are now in the UCI WorldTour. The classics group is growing season after season, with quality and experienced reinforcements. I feel that there is a real enthusiasm for this type of event which motivates me, even if I also appreciate the stage races and the Grand Tours. The strength of the team is also the confidence that the General Manager and the sports staff give to young riders like me, by offering us the chance to express ourselves at the highest level without restricting us”.

Kévin Vauquelin

“Extending my contract with the Arkéa-Samsic team allows me to be part of the team for the long term. With Emmanuel Hubert and the team management, we have established a career plan that should allow me to progress during this period, with a desire to grow in terms of performance. This also gives me a certain serenity, because I know that I can work while laying solid foundations for the future. The duration of my contract also covers the first three UCI WorldTour years of the team, which will give us the opportunity to continue growing together. I am 21 years old, I am still a neo-pro, and I know that I can’t race all the big races in a row, so my programme will be adapted, and for that, it was necessary to go through this contract extension which will allow me to expand my competition programme year after year. I am also happy with the confidence that Emmanuel Hubert has shown in me. I feel that he is behind me and the whole team, and to feel that I am surrounded by him is reassuring. I know that the whole team is behind me, that they expect results from me. I know that I’m under pressure, but it’s a good pressure that I’m put under within the Arkéa-Samsic team, the one that allows me to move forward”.

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Kévin Vauquelin and Matis Louvel, each in their respective fields, were among the young French riders who made their mark during the 2022 season. Extending their contracts for several seasons was an obvious choice for me. We have noticed for some years now that young riders are very quick to play a leading role in modern cycling. Last year our two Norman riders made some very interesting first moves on the high performance scene. We have a real career plan for both of them, which is why we wanted to link their destiny to ours for these periods, so that they can work efficiently and calmly with us. The future of the Arkéa-Samsic team will be built in the coming years around our established managers of course, but also by relying on these young riders who will be brought to take the lead of the team over the months, over the years, on the one-day races as well as on the one-week stage races, or even more “.


Matîs Louvel