24 August 2023

Vuelta a España - Emmanuel Hubert: "perpetuate our action via our fluorescent yellow jersey with la route se partage"

As last year, our riders will be competing in the Vuelta a España wearing fluorescent yellow jerseys, in support of the “Sharing the Road” message promoted by the French road safety organisation Sécurité Routière.

The words of Didier De Abreu, Ille-et-Vilaine road safety coordinator and head of the “Sharing the Road” mission:

“I’d like to thank Emmanuel Hubert for choosing, for the second year running, to have Arkéa-Samsic riders wear fluorescent yellow jerseys on the Vuelta a España, which is a visible colour on the road, as advocated by the “Sharing the Road” mission. This three-week exposure on the Vuelta in favour of our action is strong, and allows us to relay our message even more forcefully by benefiting from the support of a professional cycling team competing at UCI WorldTour level”.

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Road safety and the sharing of traffic lanes between motorists and cyclists is a major issue in our society. We are proud, as a professional cycling team, Arkéa-Samsic, to be wearing these highly identifiable fluorescent yellow shawls, signs of visibility on the road and which corroborate the message of the “road is shared”, “I overtake, I move aside, 1 metre 50″, once again on the occasion of the three weeks of the Vuelta a España, the perfect stage for an international exhibition on an important subject: respect for the health of all cyclists. Whether they’re road users on their way to work using this gentle mode of transport, or simply enthusiasts of this means of locomotion for leisurely strolls, or like us, competitive cyclists”.