Equipe Femmes | Vuelta CV Feminas
04 February 2024

Maëva Squiban claims a new top 10

Maëva Squiban took 7th place in the Vuelta CV Feminas in the streets of Valencia. The Breton rider scored her 2nd top 10 finish in 3 days of racing in 2024 with the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team.

Maëva Squiban

“Marie-Morgane, Emilia and Maaike put us in a good position at the foot of this difficulty. Thanks to them. The final was very technical and there were several crashes. Lotte and Océane gave me a good lead for the sprint. I launched a little too early, which probably cost me fifth place.”

Grégoire Le Calvé, sports director

“All the girls were there at the foot of the decisive climb, but a group of five got away. We got back into the race behind them in a group of seven, including Maëva and Lotte, who were caught by another group of around fifteen girls. Océane returned with the 7, so we had three runners in the counter. Lotte rode to try and reduce the gap, but the final was peppered with crashes. Maëva took 7th place. We’re up to the task at the start of the season.”


Maëva Squiban