09 September 2022

Grand Prix de Québec, Yvon Caër: "We held our position"

At the end of a strong sprint, Warren and Matîs, the team’s main cards, take the 10th and 11th places in the Grand Prix de Québec

“The Grand Prix de Québec I had only raced once before, in 2015, and as everyone knows, it is a circuit race, and I love it. A top 10 finish here is a reward for the work of my team-mates and the desire of the Arkea-Samsic team to come to this race where there was a great field at the start. I made a big effort with one lap to go because we didn’t have anyone represented in front. This cost me a small cartridge for the sprint. I was far away at one kilometre, then I went back up and told Matîs to take my wheel but I passed him a bit fast. I went to the finish with the speed I had. When you are far from the finish it is always complicated, but a top 10 in a UCI Worldtour classic is always good. I came to do a little bit better, but it is a good step for the Arkea-Samsic team on this type of race. And it gives me even more motivation for the Montreal Grand Prix on Sunday”

Matîs Louvel

“I opted for a wait-and-see, economy race. We knew it was going to move in the last 3-4 laps, and it did. It made the race difficult. Placement was crucial at a specific point, the guys placed us perfectly in excellent conditions at that point. In the final, I was well placed in the last two passes to make as little effort as possible for the sprint. But it was a bit hard for me. On the last lap I made the effort to get back to the red flame. At that moment, the peloton went crazy and I didn’t have the strength to make a move to keep my position. I launched myself from a distance, Warren is throwing me and I try to catch his wheel by doing a sprint with as many riders as possible. It was a real mental sprint.”

Yvon Caër

“Warren, Matîs 10th and 11th in the Grand Prix de Québec, a UCI Worldtour event, is very satisfying. Warren made an effort with one lap to go so that the group that was out didn’t take too much time. It’s a good result for the Arkea-Samsic team and when I see the riders and teams in front of us, we are on the level. I also think that Warren can still improve for Sunday with Montreal which is harder than Quebec. Matîs is knocking on the door of the top 10 on a UCI WorldTour classic, it is an important passage point. It will give him confidence for the future. Our two main cards today held their place thanks to the work done by their teammates throughout the race.”


Matîs Louvel