09 May 2023

Giro d'Italia (4th stage) - Yvon Caër: "We thought it was possible".

Warren Barguil started in a breakaway of seven riders and gave up on the last climb of the day towards Lago Laceno.


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On the line

“I don’t have a great feeling yet. The breakaway started on the descent, but I quickly felt that it wasn’t going to make it. But compared to yesterday, my legs are already better. I hope that my condition will improve during the stages of this Giro d’Italia. I always need a breakaway before it gets better for me in a Grand Tour. I said this morning during the briefing for this fourth stage that I didn’t feel like racing in front. The course of the stage decided otherwise. I was one of the “worst” cards in the team at the front, unfortunately. But I tried to believe in it because you never know, the legs can always open up on the last climb of the day. Unfortunately this was not the case, but anyway this Giro d’Italia is still long”.

Yvon Caër, Sport-director

The debrief’

“We are disappointed and at the same time realistic. Warren found himself in front thanks to a descent, but once the race started, we thought it was possible for him to win. Warren still lacks a bit of “health” for a race like the Giro d’Italia. The indications are favourable for him, but unfortunately he breaks down on the last climb of this 4th stage of the Giro d’Italia. You have to be at 100% of your abilities in a race like the Giro. This is not yet the case for Warren. But we are confident that Warren will reach this percentage in the next weeks”.