09 October 2023

Giro del Veneto - Anthony Delaplace: "end of season, it's all about mental and motivation"

The Arkéa-Samsic team will also be contesting its final races of the season in Europe this week, starting with the Giro del Veneto on Wednesday.

Anthony Delaplace

“It’s a race that will be a discovery for me and for the team. On Wednesday, the in-form sprinters can get over the difficulties and we’ve got some really good cards in the team to be able to get a good result. As is often the case at the end of the season, it’s all about the mindset. The peloton is generally tired, but mental strength and motivation make all the difference. The team has had a number of successes recently, and our ambition is to try and keep this momentum going right to the end.”

Roger Tréhin, sports director

“Alongside the Tour of Guangxi, the Giro del Veneto kicks off the final week of competition of the year in Europe. On this Italian front, we’ll also have a final race on Sunday with the Veneto Classic. This gives us the opportunity to finish the season on a high note. As far as the Giro del Veneto is concerned, it’s conceivable that a sprinter who gets through the difficulties of the final circuit could win in a small group. Even if the finish is judged at the top of an 800 metre climb at 8%. This could very well be the case for sprinters-puncheurs as well as pure puncheurs. That’s why we have several cards up our sleeve: Jenthe Biermans, Luca Mozzato and Hugo Hofstetter in the event of a small group sprint, or Kévin Vauquelin, Matîs Louvel, Simon Guglielmi and Anthony Delaplace if the race is made more difficult”.


Anthony Delaplace