02 October 2022

Famenne Ardenne Classic, Amaury Capiot 2nd

Amaury Capiot finished second in the Belgian Ardennes, Hugo Hofstetter was 4th in the same event.


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Amaury Capiot

On the line

“I am a bit disappointed to finish second. I had to start Hugo. I did it by taking the sprint from far. If I had been able to delay my effort a bit more, I think I could have won. But that’s just the way the race is. I am happy to be on the podium, but if my goal is to win races, and unfortunately it was not the case today. The legs are good and so is the condition. I was happy and satisfied with my feeling, and this is a good omen for the future. I know that I will have other possibilities in the last races of the season that I still have to ride”.

Sébastien Hinault, Sport-Director

The debrief

“The objective when you start a race is to win, and here we are missing the icing on the cake as they say. Our performance in Belgium is good from an accounting point of view in our race to join the UCI World-Tour, but our ambition is always to race for a win. This edition of the Famenne Ardenne Classic was marked by rain during the whole race, and even if it wasn’t too cold, it inevitably marked the organisms. In the end, we were just beaten by someone stronger than us. The team was working well, there were still five of us in the final to do the work alongside Amaury and Hugo. All the riders were involved. I really want to underline that. Amaury did a great sprint, he launched from far away because he was the one who had to take Hugo who didn’t manage to get away.


Amaury Capiot