10 March 2023

Arnaud Gérard: "Keep up the momentum"

The Ronde Van Drenthe, a Dutch semi-classic race, is one of the races that our “classicmen” division can handle, as Arnaud Gérard points out.

Mathis Le Berre



“Another first for me with Drenthe. I had never raced in the Netherlands before I started with the professionals. I saw that these mountain and cobbled races could suit me. At the beginning it was difficult for me to compete in the amateur ranks, but as I gained more experience I was able to do it more and more. I now know how to hold on to my position in a peloton. This is the kind of situation that I like more and more”.

Arnaud Gerard, Sport director

The briefing

“The 2023 edition of the Ronde Van Drenthe will follow the same course as last year. There are sixty kilometres in a row with several paths, the practicability of which will necessarily depend on the weather.  After that, there is a loop with a bump, a passage on the line and another circuit to ride. It is typically a Dutch race that alternates small roads, big roads, which can be exposed so in case of wind, possibility of curbs. It’s tiring, I expect the riders to continue the momentum of the Grand Prix Samyn and the Grand Prix Monséré, and that we leave with the intention of winning this race, because we will have several assets to show ourselves.


Mathis Le Berre