15 February 2023

Arnaud Gerard: "Hugo must have touched the brakes once or twice"

Ended with a bunch sprint in Lagos, the 1st stage of the Volta Ao Algarve saw Hugo Hofstetter take 14th place.


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Arnaud Gérard, Sport-director

The débrief’


“We gave ourselves the means collectively so that Hugo could make a good sprint. The instructions given were respected by each rider present on this Volta Ao Algarve. Matîs, Warren and Lukasz did an excellent job to get Hugo back in the final. Afterwards, unfortunately, a sprint is always random. I saw that Hugo was blocked on the right, he had to touch the brakes twice which made him lose places. Everyone tonight is in the same time as the winner of the day, we didn’t take any break, and it’s also a good thing because the final was quite tense anyway”.