16 September 2022

Grand Prix d'Isbergues : "2 nice cards in our deck"

The penultimate round of the French Cup, the profile of the Grand Prix d’Isbergues often offers a bunch sprint as a conclusion.

Amaury Capiot

“I know the Grand Prix d’Isbergues from last season. It will be a battle between the different sprinters’ teams and we can expect a placement battle. We will have to race together as we know how to do and as we did in Fourmies in order to get a good result again. “

Arnaud Gérard, sport director

“Isbergues offers an atypical course with a circuit to start with, an in-line section and then 6 final laps of the circuit. There will be some bumps on the line: if they are not very steep, they can be very exposed to the wind. It is possible that a breakaway that manages to get along will go far, but there will be a lot of sprinters teams that will not want to let the victory slip away. We are lucky to have 2 good cards in our possession with Hugo and Amaury. Amaury is 2nd in the provisional general classification of the Coupe de France, so there will also be that extra stake.”


Amaury Capiot
Anthony Delaplace