21 May 2023

Rund Um Köln - Luca Mozzato 6th

Represented by four riders at the front of the race, Rund Um Köln ended in a small group sprint. Luca Mozzato finished in sixth place.


Photo Arkéa-Samsic/ Aubin Lipke

Luca Mozzato

On the line

“There is a break after 50 kilometres of competition in the Agathaberg, and the peloton split in two. There were four of us from the Arkéa-Samsic team, Andrii Ponomar, Ewen Costiou, Lukasz Owsian and me. The peloton never came back. The Bora Hansgrohe team was over-represented, and at 70 kilometres they set up the big manoeuvres, to try to isolate themselves. This reduced the lead group and after that I came back to the finish with a group of about 15 riders. I am a bit disappointed with my sprint. It could have been better. But the main thing is that the legs and the feeling are good”.

Sébastien Hinault, Sport-director

The debrief’

“Just like last year on the Agathaberg, the peloton broke into several pieces and never managed to bridge up afterwards. Bora-Hansgrohe was in the lead. Schachman tried to make the decision on his own, Ewen Costiou came out but unfortunately not in time, otherwise he goes with him. In the end, everything came together with 25 kilometres to go and Luca took sixth place in the sprint”.


Luca Mozzato