09 February 2023

Matîs Louvel: "The Vuelta Ciclista Murcia, my re-start race »

The Vuelta Ciclista a la Region de Murcia Costa Calidà has seen its course modified this season, and should be more suitable for climbers.

Matîs Louvel


“I did a personal training course in Tenerife for about two weeks. I climbed a lot of passes. I was able to work well during this winter, without any problems. I finalised my preparation during this course. I know that it usually takes me a few days of competition before I reach my peak, that I have to get into the rhythm of the races. I have good feelings in training, I feel good, now I have to see how they will be when I will be in the race. The Vuelta Ciclista in the Region of Murcia Costa Calidà will give me a first indication”.

Alan Riou

“The Vuelta Ciclista a la Region de Murcia Costa Calidà is a hilly race, whose main difficulty is the alto Collado Bermejo, a long pass that can suit different types of riders. It is a difficulty that culminates at more than 1000 metres of altitude. It all depends on the pace of the race at that moment, if it goes up fast the peloton at the top will be blown up, if it takes a little bit more time, behind it there can be regroupings and the final can give a scenario with either a small group that wants to win or a bigger group that wants to win. I feel good at the moment, I finished Bessèges well. My legs were good, I was at the service of my leaders, I placed them well, and I finished with a clean and correct time”.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-director

The briefing

“The Vuelta Ciclista a la Region de Murcia Costa Calida follows a course that is almost identical to the one of last year, the only notable difference is that the finish this year will be judged on top of a small citadel. It is a course that is on paper more favourable to the puncheurs-grimpeurs. We have some good cards in this register with riders like Warren, Louis Barré who has already shown some good dispositions at the beginning of the season, and Clément Champoussin”.


Matîs Louvel
Alan Riou