30 September 2023

Giro Dell'Emilia - Warren Barguil 10th

Warren Barguil finished 10th on the summit of San Luca, the terrible difficulty that traditionally concludes the Giro d’Emilia-Romagna. 


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On the line

“The Giro Dell’Emilia was my last race with Maxime Bouet, who is a friend before being a team-mate. It was obviously a special moment, because he has given so much of himself to me over the last six years. The ‘goodbye’ on the bus was full of emotion. As far as the race was concerned, I was having a good day and my legs were going well. I didn’t need much in the penultimate lap to go with the group of nine at the front. I’m a little disappointed because I probably didn’t manage my climb very well, so on the final ascent, I started at the foot of the climb and went all out. I’m happy with the way I feel and with the end of the season, I’ve worked hard and I can see that it’s paying off.

Yvon Caër, Sport-director

The débrief’


“Warren finished « first rider” just behind the group of nine riders made up mainly of Grand Tour leaders. He scored a top 10 finish in this Giro Dell’Emilia, one of the toughest races on the calendar. He didn’t need much to be in the front group. He undoubtedly made a small error in positioning when Pogacar launched his attack. In fact, I’m convinced that he had the physical strength to be with them in the final of the Giro Dell’Emilia. He made a very fine final ascent of the “Mur de San Luca”. The most important thing to remember is that he was in excellent condition at the time. He showed that he was the strongest of the riders who finished after this group of nine made up of big names in the international peloton. Clément Champoussin finished 12th, while Ewen Costiou was 33rd in a race that had more than enough riders to be a UCI WorldTour race, given the density of the field ».