World Team | Tour des Alpes-Maritimes
17 February 2024

First podium in red and black for Vincenzo Albanese

Vincenzo Albanese took 3rd place in the first stage of the Tour des Alpes Maritimes, concluded in a sprint.

This is the 10th podium for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team since the start of the 2024 season.

Photo credit: Getty

Vincenzo Albanese

“I am very happy with this first podium obtained with the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS training. I would like to thank the entire team: my teammates, the sports directors, the staff. They all contributed to obtaining this third place on this 1st stage of the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes. The season is long, we are only at the beginning and I have already achieved a podium. This motivates me even more for the races to come. It’s always good to start the year with such momentum. My condition is good. I know that Sunday will be more difficult for me, and in turn I will put myself at the service of my teammates. Here we have three beautiful cards with Kévin Vauquelin, Louis Barré and Ewen Costiou. We will try to win this second stage and the general classification of the Tour des Alpes Maritimes.”

Roger Tréhin, Sport director

“Vincenzo Albanese was our trump card for this first stage of the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes. We also aimed not to lose time in view of the general classification with Louis Barré, Ewen Costiou and Kévin Vauquelin. We were waiting to know how Kévin would react following his fall on Saturday at the Classic Var. He was present on this first stage of the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes. We’ll see what happens on Sunday. The second stage is difficult and we will try to influence the general classification. We also know that competition is fierce, and that victory can be decided in seconds.”


Vincenzo Albanese