23 August 2022

Vuelta (Stage 4), Yvon Ledanois: "Simon and Élie were hampered by a break".

Simon Guglielmi and Élie Gesbert, despite this incident, finished in contact with the best in Laguardia.


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Simon Guglielmi

On the line

A rider broke down on the final climb of the Mur de Laguardia. This cut me off a bit but many riders in the peloton were in the same situation as me. I was well until the last five hundred meters. I had taken Valverde’s wheel. I thought it was the right one. I start to produce my effort at that moment and I stumbled physically. We had a break with Elijah with eleven kilometres to go and it cost us a lot of energy to close the gap. At the front, they are champions, I am missing a bit, but one thing is sure, the team and I will try as soon as we get an opportunity”.

Yvon Ledanois, Directeur-sportif

The debrief’

“On the occasion of this very first stage in Spain, we had counted on Élie and Simon to do something in the final wall of Laguardia. Unfortunately for both of them, a rider crashed on a descent at eleven kilometres, causing them to lose places. The effort to get back to the finish cost them energy and they didn’t express themselves fully in the final ramp to the finish”.


Simon Guglielmi