14 December 2022

Théo Ouvrard: « The December camp lays the foundations »

Arkéa-Samsic’s riders and staff will meet for a first training camp in Altéa, Spain, from 12 to 19 December. The aim of this first gathering was explained by Théo Ouvrard, Sports Manager.

This training camp will allow us, as it does every year at this time of the season, to carry out large blocks of work in view of the 2023 season, to lay the foundations collectively“, Théo Ouvrard immediately indicates. “We will benefit from excellent weather conditions on the Valence side, with an infrastructure dedicated to the practice of our sport, at the Cap Negret d’Altéa hotel. The riders will be put in ideal working conditions, with a whole staff around them as in the race in order to bring them to performance little by little“. The content of this first meeting on Iberian soil will be different from the other years for some of the riders of our squad, notably because of the passage of the Arkéa-Samsic team in the UCI World-Tour, and a beginning of the season in Australia, at the Down Under. “They will be on a cycle ahead of the rest of the squad. These riders will do a lot of rides together,” adds Théo Ouvrard. It will be a bit of an intermediate content for them with a December course that will bring together more than the one we usually do in January. They will already be doing some intensities. For the rest of our staff, there won’t be any major changes to note. The hourly volume of this December course should be around 30 hours of cycling, including the rest ride, the one that the riders usually call “coffee ride“. “There will be a few workshops with sprints for the sprinters, and group relays to build up the pace. On the second day, the theme of the day will be downhill. The aim of this day will be to have clean trajectories. There will be some specific workshops with, for example, sprints thrown in, and relay passages in groups to make a little rhythm. On the second day, the theme of the day will be downhill. With exercises proposed”.