13 April 2022

Simon Guglielmi: "La Malate will be the decider of the Classic Besançon"

Simon Guglielmi, who lived in the city of Victor Hugo for a year, knows the roads of the region perfectly, and in particular the “Malate”, the highlight of the Classic Besançon-Grand Doubs.


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Simon Guglielmi



“I lived in Besançon for a season. So I know this city and its surroundings perfectly, and therefore the race course. It is a difficult race. I looked at the bumps and “La Malate” where the finish will be judged, the hardest in the area in my opinion. The 2022 edition of this race will be more difficult than its predecessor. I will discover the Classic Grand Besançon Doubs. The advantage is that I know the roads well. It is a climber-puncher who will win. I think that we are going to see a very beautiful race. A finish of this type in France is not frequent. So I am really looking forward to the start. Moreover it will be nice because I will probably meet people I met when I lived in the Doubs“.


Elie Gesbert
Simon Guglielmi
Michel Ries
Anthony Delaplace
Thibault Guernalec