31 August 2023

Lukasz Owsian to wear ARKEA-B&B HOTELS colours in 2024

A rider with Emmanuel Hubert’s teams since 2020, Lukasz Owsian has extended his contract and will be wearing the colours of ARKEA-B&B HOTELS in 2024.

Łukasz Owsian

“The team that will become ARKEA-B&B HOTELS is evolving year on year, and I think that in the 2024 season, we will reach a new level. My status as a team member is recognised within the team, and that’s important to me. I like this job: riding for others, helping them, replacing them or taking the helm at the front of the peloton when necessary. My aim is to be there for my team-mates, to help them win and get them good results. I’d like to thank Emmanuel Hubert for his confidence in me and his recognition of the work I do for the Arkéa-Samsic team, which will become ARKEA-B&B HOTELS next year.”

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Lukasz has been with us since 2020. He’s a solid rider who never shies away from riding for others, whether it’s the team sprinters or his leaders in the general rankings. He knows his job perfectly and does it well. He never complains, he does his job as a team-mate conscientiously, giving his all every time. He’s an important part of a team, and an important one for the Arkéa-Samsic team, which will become ARKEA-B&B HOTELS in 2024. That’s why we’ve renewed our confidence in him, because we know he’ll be there when we ask him to be at the service of the team”.


Łukasz Owsian