28 February 2023

Le Samyn: Hugo Hofstetter comes 2nd

Hugo Hofstetter took 2nd place in the Samyn Grand Prix, an event in which he has three podium finishes in four seasons.

Photo: Getty Images

“My feelings are mixed following this second place obtained on Le Samyn 2023. On the one hand, I am satisfied to obtain such a result after a beginning of season during which I did not have too much success; and on the other hand, I am a little less satisfied because I did not win. In any case, this is my first result in 2023. I was watched a lot during the race by my opponents. This allowed Jenthe Biermans to be in front, and me to be a little more forgotten in the pack. I saw that this one was doing the rubber band, and when we managed to get back to 500 meters from the line, I took the decision to plug the hole. I really wanted to win. When I start the sprint, I have one tooth too many. I was actually pulling too hard and it tightened my legs a bit. That’s what cost me the win in this race, because my legs were hard, and I couldn’t do anything. I started the sprint like when I won this race four years ago. It’s just that this year I couldn’t be as incisive because of my choice of gearing this year.”

Arnaud Gérard, sport director

“The plan today was this: Hugo designated as the number one sprinter, and Luca and Jenthe were the two protected riders who could move in the final to accompany the moves. The strategy that was put in place was respected. Hugo came in 2nd, Luca took 5th place. What I also remember is the collective impact of the Arkéa-Samsic team on this Grand Prix Samyn. This is the essential point I insisted on during my briefing this morning: I wanted my riders to be all involved from kilometer zero to the finish. I was indeed convinced that we had a very good team to go and get a very good result in this type of race for which we have assets, and above all that we are just starting”.