World Team | Grand Prix La Marseillaise
29 January 2024

Kévin Vauquelin claims his first podium of the season

For his first race back, the Grand Prix La Marseillaise, Kévin Vauquelin went on the offensive in the final. He took 3rd place on the Boulevard Michelet.

Photo : Getty Images

Kévin Vauquelin

“I wanted to play. I tried but in the end it didn’t work. I didn’t see them in my sights until the very end of the race. When I heard they had 20 seconds, I said to myself that it could be done and then it was off again quickly. I knew the final almost by heart, I recognised it. It’s perhaps a bit of a shame to have waited, but at least it proves that the legs are there. It’s good to be able to go for victory straight away, to know where you stand and what you still have to work on. It feels good. Next time, we’ll have to do better tactically.”

Yvon Ledanois, sports director

“We came here to win, so there’s a little disappointment mixed with a lot of satisfaction. Physically, I think Kévin was one of the strongest and he put in a hell of a performance in the final. I’m reassured for the rest of the race and that bodes well for Etoile de Bessèges. I asked the whole team to have a sense of duty at the briefing, to sacrifice themselves for the others. Everyone was involved and the result is a fine podium finish for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team.”


Kévin Vauquelin