World Team | Grand Prix Criquielion
04 March 2024

Jenthe Biermans, two times three

As on the roads of the Samyn Grand Prix, Jenthe Biermans took the podium today in Lessines.

Photos: Getty Images

Jenthe Biermans

“Luca and I were designated as leaders in the event of a sprint finish at this Criquielion Grand Prix. The entire ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team did a very good job. We were strong during the crucial points of the race. I fall seventy kilometers from the finish. I am then waited by Florian Dauphin. It was a strategic moment in the race, and thanks again to him. We were subsequently well placed, and in the end we took the race on our own.

Everyone was where they should be at the start of the last cobbled sector and the final bump. The collective was strong, and David Dekker did a phenomenal job. He took over from the last three kilometers to four hundred meters from the line! Luca and I were well placed. I finished second in the peloton sprint, and third in the race. It’s a new podium for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team and me. But I’m racing for the victory, even if third twice is good. We remain focused on victory. This is what we want to look for, it will arrive. In any case, I’m working for that.”

Laurent Pichon, Directeur sportif

“I would like to once again praise the collective state of mind of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team engaged in this Criquielion Grand Prix. This is the one to have. This event respected all the standards of Belgian races: paved sector, small roads. The runners from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS training were involved in their attitude during the race, in their placement in strategic locations. Florian Dauphin and Pierre Thierry did a good job in the final, when two riders broke away. There was a new attack, and we within the peloton had our two riders protected for the final sprint, Jenthe Biermans and Luca Mozzato. David Dekker, despite a fall during the event, did a lot of work to try to make the junction. Jenthe Biermans is not missing much to play for victory. One more local rider in the peloton, perhaps. It’s like that. The perfect copy in any case is rare. Jenthe is second in the peloton sprint. Luca ranks 7th. We will continue to move forward, ride this dynamic to continue to climb the steps of the podium.”


Jenthe Biermans