05 March 2023

GP Monséré: Hugo Hofstetter 4th

Hugo Hofstetter took 4th place in the Grand Prix Monséré, a Belgian race that ended in a sprint.

Photo: Getty Images

“We ran well today, the team worked well. We can be satisfied. In the sprint, I have some regrets because I was hoping to do better. I managed to catch Ewan’s wheel but I got a little heckled when I was following him, I caught the wind and I couldn’t come back. I want to keep the positive: we are finding automatisms as the races go on and that bodes well for the future.”

Arnaud Gérard, sport director

“I’m pleased with the commitment and spirit of the racers today. Even though the wind was not strong enough to make a difference, the boys stayed the course on what was asked. In the final, Jenthe and Luca did a great job to drop Hugo. The rest is about the uncertainty of the sport: we fell to faster opponents.”