27 June 2022

Emmanuel Hubert : "we have to be bold"

Here is the Arkéa-Samsic line-up for the 2022 Tour de France, an event in which our team will participate for the 9th consecutive year. Our ambitions will be to achieve a good general classification with Nairo Quintana, and to win a stage.

Find below the team review by our sport directors Arnaud Gérard and Yvon Ledanois.

“We expect him to take the lead and assume his responsibilities in the 2022 Tour,” says Ledanois. “We want him to have a good general classification on the Champs-Élysées. Nairo will have riders who are 100% dedicated to him. He must have this good general classification in mind, while aiming for a stage win in the mountains.”

“He is one of the leaders of the team. We will count on his attacking cycling to win a stage. Or depending on the race circumstances, especially in the first week, to achieve a good final general classification. This will not be Warren’s priority, but we know from experience that in a Grand Tour many things can happen.”

“He will take on the role of a model team member. Maxime will work in favour of the team”, says Yvon Ledanois. “By being a relay on certain mountain stages, in particular those that could be decisive for our leaders, whether it be for the general classification or for a stage success.”

“His role will be to take part in the bunch sprints of the Tour de France,” says Arnaud Gérard. “We also expect him to be part of a movement race, going into the breakaways in order to show his speed abilities in small groups.”

Amaury Capiot

This will be the first GrandTour of his career,” says Arnaud Gérard. eAmaury’s mission will be to protect his leaders, especially during the flat stages. His attacking qualities can also allow him to show off his skills on the so-called “baroudeur days”.

Łukasz Owsian

“He will have the status of a gregario,” says Arnaud Gérard. “His role will be to protect his leaders in this Tour de France. Lukasz will be more at the service of Nairo Quintana. His mission will certainly not be visible, but it will be decisive for Nairo Quintana.”

Matîs Louvel

“He will discover the Tour”, says Yvon Ledanois, “but for me he is a potential stage winner. His role will be to protect his leaders during the first week, while keeping in mind the idea of being opportunistic if necessary. We expect Matîs to target the stages that could potentially suit him.”

“He can do almost anything. Connor is a model team-mate. Connor also has the ability to seize his chance on one or more intermediate stages by taking part in the breakaway that will determine the win.”

Emmanuel Hubert, Manager Général

“The Tour de France is an important moment in the cycling season, a determinant of success. The start of the year for the Team Arkéa-Samsic has been brilliant, but for us it is important to mark this Tour with the seal of our success. Warren Barguil wants to be successful again in the Tour. We will also have ambitions for the overall classification with Nairo Quintana. My leaders have these goals in mind, and as I have always said my position as General Manager is to never hold back their ambitions and dreams, but on the contrary to nurture them, and to accompany them in their desire to perform and succeed, all the while being bold.”

Yvon Caër, directeur sportif

“Our goal is to achieve a good overall classification in Paris for our leader Nairo Quintana in this Tour. We have of course taken into account the characteristics of the first week of the race, which is very particular with the possibility of crosswinds and the cobbles in the north. We have selected a group of climbers who will support Nairo Quintana in the mountains and riders who are used to rubbing shoulders, to riding on the classics and on the edges to accompany him as closely as possible. Warren Barguil will be protected during the first week of the race. If Nairo is still well placed in the general standings at that time, Warren will then have carte blanche to try to win a stage depending on the race circumstances.”


Amaury Capiot
Łukasz Owsian
Matîs Louvel