19 August 2023

Druivernkoers-Overijse: Jenthe Biermans 4th

Jenthe Biermans took 4th place in the Druivenkoers in Overijse.

Jenthe Biermans

“As expected, it was a very hard race with a lot of movement. Things accelerated from 80 kilometres to the finish. We manoeuvred well with Hugo, Ewen and all the others. We hardly missed a move and were always well placed. Personally, our legs felt good. In the end, Campenaerts and Tiller were really stronger up front and I came into the sprint for 3rd place. I lacked a bit of freshness to beat one of Campenaerts’ team-mates who was certainly fresher but today’s performance reassures me about my form.”

Arnaud Gérard, sports director

“It’s been a very intense race. Our riders really applied the strategy they had put in place this morning: to follow the moves. They were very present. Jenthe’s result is reassuring; we can see that he’s recovered well from the Tour de France. We have another chance tomorrow in Belgium at the Egmont Cycling Race. It’s up to us to do as well, if not better!”


Jenthe Biermans