16 January 2024

Clément Champoussin's program

Clément Champoussin will start his season in Mallorca. Thereafter he will have a predominantly national calendar, with participation in Paris-Nice, for his first UCI WorldTour event of the 2024 season.

Les mots de Didier Rous, Manager Sportif

“Clément Champoussin must go from being a hopeful player in French cycling to becoming a successful rider. There is no doubt that he has the capabilities. It’s better to try than to live with regrets, that’s what I told him. Clément shares my opinion. I think his first season with the team served as a basis for experience. He has progressed in several areas, and I can feel it. He will be the actor of his career. We can help him, support him, but he must be the driving force behind his sporting project. I think his winter was better than last season, he showed it to us during the winter training courses. But he still has to put new things in place, in order to continue his progress towards the highest level. Clément must still grow, become more mature. We, the members of the staff within the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team, will support him towards this. He must tick boxes, pass a milestone, which will allow him to evolve at a level consistent with his physical qualities, and this will be done by trying things on his part. Clément Champoussin is expected by the team from the start of the season. He must show us that he is there, present from the Mallorca Challenge. By showing performance from the start, this inevitably reassures the runner, and the entire team. This very quickly becomes a virtuous circle that takes hold, and which can be perpetuated over time.”

Provisional program :

January 24 to 28: Challenge Mallorca

February 8 to 11: Tour of Provence

February 16: Classic Var

February 24: Ardèche Classic

February 28 Trofeo Laigueglia

March 3 to 10: Paris-Nice