World Team | Clàssica Comunitat Valenciana 1969
20 January 2024

Luca Mozzato and Amaury Capiot in the top 10 in Valencia

Luca Mozzato and Amaury Capiot finished 8th and 10th in the 1969 Gran Premio Valenciana, the first European event of the season in which Embret Svestad-Bårdseng was in a breakaway.

Photo : Getty Images

Embret Svestad-Bårdseng

“I enjoyed my very first race in the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS jersey today on the Gran Premio Valenciana 1969 with the UCI WorldTour team. It was an honor for me as a member of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team continental development to run this competition within the WorldTour structure. I had good legs. I therefore slipped into the breakaway which formed as soon as the first climb was climbed. When we were caught , I rode for the collective in order to catch up with the group that was in front of the peloton. I am happy with my first race under the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS colors, and above all I had a lot of fun”

Le Débrief de Arnaud Gérard

“Embret is a great satisfaction”

“Quick start, and immediately a breakaway formed on the Gran Premio Valenciana 1969. We had Embret Svestad-Bårdseng in front, which allowed us not to have to roll.

Embret did a good job. It’s a great satisfaction because he was able to follow the best in the moguls.

The finish in the sprint did not go as hoped but the final scenario often remains uncertain.

Amaury and Luca have never been in difficulty in the moguls, which is a good indication for the future. They ranked 8th and 10th respectively in the first European competition of the season.”