12 February 2023

Clasica de Almeria, A. Gérard : "We had everything right until Dan's puncture"

Left out of the final Clasica Almeria in the money-time with a flat tire, Dan McLay could not compete for his chances.

Photo : Getty Images

Arnaud Gérard, sport director

“We have to underline the collective spirit of this race. We gave ourselves the means to try and get Dan to the finish as best we could. But this scenario could not be realized because he crashed with 15 kilometers to go when the peloton broke into several pieces, so there is obviously some frustration. But I really want to underline the collective state of mind of everyone, including the neo-pros, Ewen Costiou and Mathis Le Berre. They are learning and today with the weather conditions they have learned with this windy weather, stress. They have demonstrated on races which are in some way points of passage for them of beautiful qualities. This is a good omen for the future”.