World Team | Milano-Torino
12 March 2024

Arnaud Démare: “the finale is quite tiring but we can imagine a sprint finish”

Winner of the Italian event in 2020, Arnaud Démare is once again aligned this season with the oldest professional cycling event.

Arnaud Démare

“Milan-Turin I only ran it once. It was 2020, and I had won. This will therefore be my second participation. The particularity of this event is that its route is slightly modified each year with either a flat route for the sprinters, or a more hilly one making it easier for the punchers-climbers. This season is between the two, with a rather tiring finale. We can still imagine a sprint finish, so I hope to find the opportunity in this event. It’s a great race, a lot of good sprinters compete when the course is favorable for them. There will be a high level and it will be an opportunity for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team and me to compete in a sprint.”

Mickaël Leveau, directeur sportif

“Milan-Turin is an event which alternates between routes for sprinters and puncher climbers. This year’s course offers a sort of mix between the two, and the end of the race can be tiring. We will obviously have as a trump card in the event of a mass arrival, Arnaud Démare who has already won this competition. But we could also play the puncher-climber card if a movement race were to take shape in the finale, with in particular, Louis Barré.”