04 June 2022

Amaury Capiot : "I'll race at home"

Since the Ronde van Limburg has chosen Tongeren as its finishing town, Amaury Capiot is the so-called “regional of the stage”. Here is the story.

Amaury Capiot

“I will be racing at home during the Ronde van Limburg! The race passes in front of my house, and I live ten kilometres from Tongeren, the town where I was born! We will even pass my school, because it is situated two hundred meters from the line. It is an event that is close to my heart, and it will be a special edition because we will ride on roads that I know by heart. Many of my supporters will also be there, so I want to do my best in front of them. Their presence will certainly motivate me and I am very happy to be able to race professionally so close to my home.”

Yvon Caër, sport director

“Amaury will be at home in the Ronde van Limburg. His perfect knowledge of the terrain will obviously be an asset for the whole team. Dan finished last year behind Merlier. This means that we can still have a sprint at the finish with Dan and Amaury as leaders, but not only that…”