25 June 2021

Yvon Caer : "Beaten by stronger than us”

Dan McLay finish second of the tour du Limbourg in Belgium, beaten by Tim Merlier.


Photo Elen Rius



I’m beaten by someone stronger than me in this sprint, there’s nothing to say. The team did a great job for me, there will be other opportunities soon and we will try to make it happen”.


It was a very nervous day, with the cobbled sectors, you had to turn left and right all the time, it was a typical Belgian race. In the final cobbled sector, it was not possible to try to go out as a finisher, Amaury took the lead in the first final corner and I took the lead-out after him. We don’t make any mistakes, it’s just that Merlier was the strongest”.


Yvon Caer, Directeur-sportif



” We were beaten by someone stronger than us! We have nothing to reproach ourselves for in this sprint. Amaury entered the track at four hundred metres, whereas we thought we would drop Dan at this distance, we did so three hundred metres further on! I would like to congratulate the whole team. Bram did a great finish for Dan, he can win this type of race but he put himself at Dan’s service without any ulterior motive. Hats off to him, his team spirit is to be commended. Well done to Dan too, but I think Bram will win races very soon”.